Deep Within

What If I Tried? (Lyrics)

I thought everything has changed,

I thought you’ve realized the pain,

I’ve been wondering, looking for a reason,

Why things’ always the same,

You asked me what I want,

But then you wanted a different one,

I spoke, but you didn’t listen,

I reached, but you failed to understand



How I wish you knew my dreams

How I hope you listen to my heartbeat

I keep on looking ahead, you said it was fine

But my heart tells me I am not who I am,

Now I cry every night,

Thinking what if I tried?


I saw how you look at me,

I heard your words about me,

You told me “It’s fine”, but you tell them “No, she couldn’t understand”

I have hidden all my feelings,

Afraid you’ll see the real me,

But guess what? I should’ve let it all outside



[Sorry for my English/Grammar]


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