She (1)

She was desperate,

She wanted to take a leap forward,

She touched the sky,

Freely giving away her deepest desires,

But then the clouds became dark,

Tears were flowing,

Oceans were dancing,

Her eyes saw the lightning flashing in front her,

Echoes of bitterness became stronger,

Pointing her in disbelief and doubt,

But her heart wanted her to continue,

She raised her hands once again,

Keeping her eyes on the painful present,

She touched every part of her pain,

Until nothing else remains,

She closed her eyes,

Trusting and hoping,

And then she reached the top,

Her eyes opened and saw a wonderful rainbow,

Smile was formed on her face,

Cheerings were made,

Clapping and shouting,

Then she realized,

She wanted to touch the sky again



(photo from net)

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